Toelatingsopdracht AMFI


My admission assignment was the project of getting a word that was given to you and turning it into a fashion object (this object had to be made of re-used materials). In my case I got the word ‘homp’. You had to do research and experiments connected to the word. After this I had to capture the object in four different ways.

What did I learn?

  • I learned how to make something new form recycled/re-used materials

  • I learned how to do research recording a word/subject I'm not really familiar with

  • I learned that it is very useful to experiment with materials, and getting new ideas from this

  • I learned about the position and lightning in photography regarding the photography of an object

  • I learned to think "out of the box"


A ‘Homp’ is an object consisting of organic forms and that is made of recycled and re-used materials. A ‘homp’ has the color, structure and print that is inspired by organs. It feels like an uncharming burden that you’re dragging with you.


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